What’s wrong with the media (or more reasons television sucks today)

I’m gonna try and keep this short and sweet because I am at the library. I have been watching more and more children’s programming lately and I recently saw two major things on television that really upset me.

#1 Cartoon network going Live

So you’re channel surfing and have the mind of an immature child, or maybe you just smoked a doobie but either way you suddenly decide “hey I’m in the mood for cartoons.” Up until recently if this was the case you could flip right over to the Cartoon Network (CN) and at least find Cartoons even if they weren’t very good. Now the quality of the cartoons has sunk to such a state that they cartoon network has a whole lineup of Live action shows. You heard me right…. live action shows this is a network based on cartoons, it is in the name of the network. What the heck is wrong with these people? If they just would create more quality cartoons the live action programming wouldn’t even be necessary. The shows include such fare as ‘The Othersiders’ – The best I can tell this is just a reality show about kids in haunted houses, ‘Survive This’ – a survivor like reality show for teens, ‘Brainrush’ – a show where kids are quizzed under intense circumstances, and ‘Destroy, Build, Destroy’ – I don’t know what this one is but it screams ADD. I wish that we could just see more ‘Dexter’, ‘Flapjack’, ‘Ed, Edd, and Eddy’ and the like instead of being subjected to crappy reality tv for kids. And think of what this is doing to the kids, we are only preparing them for the crapitude of reality tv that much earlier, but enough said.

#2 All new shows are interested in cross promo

It seems ever since shows like ‘Hannah Montana’ have become hits, every show out there is trying to get a cross promotion with music from ‘Hannah Montana’, ‘Glee’, ‘Ruby and the Rockits’ and more I just think maybe it’s time for a tv show that has nothing to do with music and won’t sell out any concerts or any albums. Maybe it’s time to focus on the story telling and the script writing and put down the instruments.

And that is my rant for the day. Some of the shows that I have listed here really aren’t bad shows but the principle behind my aggravations still stands.

Links and Copyrights

All Cartoon network shows listed under point #1 copyright Cartoon network visit http://www.cartoonnetwork.com for more information.

Hannah montana copyright Disney (http://www.disney.com)

Ruby and the rockits copyright abc family (http://www.abcfamily.com)

Glee copyright Fox (http://www.fox.com)


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