Fat Guy Discrimination

First I wish to apologize for the lapse in posts. I don’t have internet and am posting from a cell phone. Which brings me to point two, please forgive any lack of style, repetitiveness, or typos. If you want better work from me then pay my cable bill. (I have edited this and updated these posts 07/23)  It has occured to me over the last dozen years or so that there is a new type of discrimination. As a ‘fat’ man in America I am sick tired of people making assumptions about me. So here’s a short list of things people assume about me and my “brothers”.

1)      We all love to eat fatty foods. — This simply is not true. Some of us eat fatty foods, some eat sweets, some eat healthy and some just eat.

2)      All of us are ‘Big’ and ‘Strong’ — I get this from the crazy amount of times I get hired as a laborer. I’m honestly not that strong. Again, some of us are and some of us aren’t

3)      All ‘Fat’ people are slothful and/or unhealthy. — Once again I repeat: This is only true of some of us. I am a little lazy but I am not slothful and am in great health.

4)      We all stink — I don’t know how this started whether its our B.O. or maybe just fat guys fart more I don’t know but we just don’t as a whole.

Ok folks my eyes are getting droopy so lets wrap this up. I am sick and tired of being discriminated against because of my waist size.


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