Death in the ‘family’

I would like to apologize for putting off my Internet trends article for another week. The reason for these both is the same. Last week I received the worst April fools joke ever, a very good friend of mine, Stephen H. Wood, better known to all of us as just ‘Chip’ died. His obituary can be viewed here. Chip was a wonderful man. He died at the young young age of 56. Chip touched everybody around him with his incredible kindness and generosity. Always the first to offer whatever he had of his own to whomever might be around. I have eaten, drank, and yes even moisturized from this mans good will. ¬†What he lacked in height he made up for in character. He worked hard and he brought a smile to all of our faces with his constant jokes and anecdotes. Chip trained all of us on the Portsmouth Wal-Mart 2130 Unloading team the proper ways to unload trucks, stack pallets, sort breakpacks but most importantly how to be a family. And that we are… We truly are a family unit, we watch out for each other and we care for each other because god knows no one else in the store will. Chips presence and expertise will sorely be missed and I will have a hard time going on without him.

I will always miss you chip…


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